Special Audiences and Methodologies

BRS helps clients understand the views of a number of specialized or hard to reach audiences, using whatever methodology best meets their needs.

Communicating with medical providers and patients:
BRS’ qualitative and quantitative studies among doctors and individuals with risk factors or particular diseases for the Alliance for Aging Research have helped the organization communicate with their specialized audiences most effectively.
Understanding how policy makers think and how to reach them:
BRS has conducted elite one on one interviews with policy makers and their staffs on topics including human rights, health care, reproductive rights, and environmental policy to help clients understand how leaders think about their issues and what information or tools will help persuade them to action.
Recording the views and experience of business supervisors:
To answer The Writing Project’s questions about the importance supervisors place on their employees' writing skills, we conducted a national survey of business leaders with supervisory responsibilities.
Engaging LGBT Catholics:
To help Dignity USA communicate with new audiences, BRS conducted online focus groups with self-identified gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Catholics. The online methodology allowed recruiting of a hard-to-reach population and also provided for anonymity discussing the sensitive topics of sexuality and religion.

Bringing up baby in English and Spanish:

BRS conducted research in English and Spanish among grandparents who act as caregivers for babies and toddlers for Zero to Three. The research resulted in specific recommendations on the information and resources that would help grandparents provide good care for their young grandchildren and themselves.


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