Message Development

BRS turns research into persuasive messages and assists organizations at the national and grass roots levels learn to use these messages in communications:

  • A national message for promoting reforms to ensure a fair and impartial judiciary for the ABA and other national groups.
  • A regional message for the Rocky Mountain states to build public opposition to corporate hog factories.
  • A regional, then national, message which lead to the enactment of the Great Lakes Water Compact for a coalition of environmental organizations.
  • Creating a message for environmentalists that changes the confrontational dynamic and builds public support in the West for limits on off-road-vehicle use in National Forests.
  • Providing teacher organizations with messages to limit the expansion of charter schools and to garner public support for changes in school funding.
  • A strong counter-message to the government's policies post 9/11 for the ACLU.
  • A national, coordinated message among civil rights leaders in opposition to unequal voting districts: Coalition of groups, including the Advancement Project, CCMC, LULAC, and NAACP legal defense fund.
  • A common, positive message on Smart Growth that has guided both national and local organizations to educate and mobilize communities to fight sprawl.
  • National and statewide messages to build support for reforming the death penalty.
  • An updating of the message and profile of civil legal aid, or legal services. This new message is being used both nationally as well as by local legal services directions around the country.
  • A message to raise the salience and receptivity to affordable housing for an Illinois Housing coalition.
  • A regional message to raise public concern about the eastern forests in the U.S. for The Biodiversity Project.


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