Health Care and Reproductive Rights

Defeating religious exemptions:

Our research for Catholics for Choice and the ACLU has helped develop strategies for defeating so-called “religious freedom restoration acts” and related laws that create broad religious exemptions permitting discrimination. Our message advice helped the ACLU and Planned Parenthood defeat a ballot initiative in North Dakota that would have created one of the broadest such exemptions in the country.

Understanding African Americans' views of abortion:

In 2011, The Ford Foundation asked BRS to help Trust Black Women look deeply into African-Americans’ feelings on abortion and other reproductive rights. BRS measured public opinion, developed and tested messages, and offered recommendations for a communications strategy to counter claims that abortion in black communities is genocide and to demonstrate the importance of safe and accessible abortion as a part of women’s reproductive health care. We followed this study with another publicly released national survey of African Americans in 2013.

Documenting the views of young people of color on sexual health issues:

In 2012, BRS conducted research and developed message frames for Advocates for Youth on the attitudes young adults of color hold about sex, reproductive health, and access to contraception and health care. We also conducted a study to examine the growing trend for storytelling in the reproductive rights and reproductive justice community.

Working against state-based abortion bans:

BRS conducted focus group and survey research and developed a communications strategy for the Center for Reproductive Rights regarding their challenge to the Nebraska legislation restricting second trimester abortions in Gonzales v. Planned Parenthood.
Recording Catholic perspectives on abortion, here and abroad:

We have surveyed American Catholics to explore voters’ candidate preference, issue priorities, and opinion of certain church policies in every presidential election since 2004. We also conducted public opinion research in Argentina for Catholics for Choice regarding Argentinians’ attitudes on abortion, the proposed new legislation in Argentina that would expand legal abortion rights by modifying the country’s law that currently allows abortion in only very limited cases, and the influence of Catholic bishops in the abortion debate.


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