Education-Related Research

Winning for Connecticut’s teachers:

BRS research and message development has guided the political work of the Connecticut Education Association in the union’s successful legislative struggle with Governor James Malloy. From BRS surveys of CEA’s members and Connecticut voters, we worked with the media team to create television, radio, and internet ads as well as other materials which helped the legislature make changes CEA sought to the governor’s education plan.
Helping Delaware teachers forge political partnerships:
Every year since 2007, BRS has provided message strategies to the Delaware State Education Association informed by our polling and focus groups. This has led to collaboration, instead of confrontation, with the state’s governor, helped Delaware’s teachers avoid layoffs and pension cuts, and made progress for putting neighborhood public school priorities ahead of charter schools.

Preparing teachers for Ohio’s collective bargaining victory:
In 2011, BRS’ early polling for the Ohio Education Association contributed to the winning strategy for overturning the state law that outlawed collective bargaining. The research led BRS to create a message guide that framed the issue as protecting teachers’ voices when it comes to their schools and their students.

Serving California’s teachers:

For several years, BRS has helped the California Teachers Association discover what types of professional assistance its members most value. We helped the CTA Trust understand members’ financial literacy and interests to support the development of a financial educational website that meets members’ needs.

Highlighting science education:

In 2010, BRS research for the Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning provided policy-makers and the media with an understanding of how Californians value the teaching of science and the actions they support to improve it in public schools.

Preparing teachers to meet new education standards in California:

For the Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning, BRS explored the attitudes of California public school teachers regarding the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Focus groups gauged these teachers’ familiarity with the standards as well as the needs and challenges they will face in adapting to the CCSS.

Examining public support for the teaching of writing:

BRS’ series of surveys for the National Writing Project has tracked Americans' attitudes toward writing education, including when and how writing should be taught, what students gain from learning to write, and how new technology changes learning to write.


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